Reverse Effect

This is a powerful tool that many people don’t realize the small, easy ways it can help their video production.

Keep this in mind when you are trying to create an effect: If you think it will be difficult, or dangerous to do it in the normal, forward motion, ask yourself if you could do it in reverse?  In other words, instead of trying to jump on a narrow balance beam without falling off, stand on it and jump down from it (backwards). When you put it into your editor, reverse the motion and it will look like you are jumping onto the balance beam, not off it.  Just be careful of things in your background that might also be moving.  Those things could potentially ruin the effect if you don’t pay attention.

This simple effect can make you look super human or even add a creepy effect to your short film.  In the film, Shutter Island, this effect was used when DiCaprio had a cigarette in his mouth and the smoke was moving around in an unusual manner. It was hard to pinpoint right away, but all they did was reverse the scene.  Since DiCaprio wasn’t moving, all you noticed was the smoke, adding a creepy effect.

Whether you have a professional editor or a basic free editor, you should be able to find this option on almost all of them.  Play around with it and you will quickly begin to think of new ways you can incorporate the reverse effect into your videos.



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